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    Introducing children to the world’s most popular game through our innovative methods has proven to be successful. The Mighty Kicks Programs have been highly developed in order for you to make a profitable career with this unique concept while doing what you enjoy and helping kids. By investing in a Mighty Kicks Franchise, you eliminate the learning curve, minimize your risk, maximize your potential and you don’t venture into the market alone. Let our experience, methods, systems, training and support accelerate you towards your goals!

Make your passion a career!

Fill out an application to get started with your own Mighty Kicks franchise.


1 Review Franchise Information

Get familiar with our website, programs and your potential franchise investment.

2 Complete Franchise Inquiry

After you complete the inquiry you will receive an email with some more information along with the set up for the initial call.

3 Initial Call with Mighty Kicks Management

This initial call will serve to answer initial questions, find out information about the candidate and get to know each other.

4 Franchise Disclosure Document and Business Exercise

The FDD helps the candidate fully understand the Franchisee/Franchisor relationship and the Business Exercise helps the candidate understand their market. Candidates will start to talk with current franchisees at this point. This is when your territory will be defined as well.

5 Skype/FaceTime with Mighty Kicks President

Discuss any questions, timeline and business plan as you get to know Mighty Kicks President and Founder Luke Vercollone.

6 Franchise Agreement

Once qualified, you are awarded the franchise and the initial franchise fee (along with the Franchise Agreement) can be collected. Once collected, your Operations Manual and Welcome Package will be mailed. All this will be reviewed and training will be scheduled. Prior to training you will have all the pieces in place to launch your business; including website and all marketing materials.

7 On-Site Training and Opening!

You will schedule 2 full days for our General Manager to come train you on site within your territory. The 2 main points of focus for the training will be marketing and curriculum. This hands-on approach to training will get you familiar with your presentation, how to build/grow your business and secure your first few clients.


1 What are the costs associated with owning a Mighty Kicks Franchise?

Initial Fee: $9,700 (Due upon signing – paid to Franchisor)
Monthly Royalty: $225/month start month 5 (First 4 months free)
Other Start-up Costs: (Combine to cost about $1,500)

  • Business Insurance
  • Marketing Materials
  • Equipment

The total initial investment is approximately $11,200

2 What do I receive?

As a Mighty Kicks Franchise you will receive:

  • The Mighty Kicks Operations Manual
  • Age-Appropriate, Proven Curriculum (with 11 Progression Curriculum Booklets, Story Boards, Training Vieos and more)
  • Start-Up and Marketing Boost (We come to your territory during training to jump-start your new business)
  • Client Database and Target Market Formation
  • Market Research and Analysis of Your Territory
  • Marketing and Research Materials, Tools, Techniques, and Assistance
  • Generous Territory that Provides Ample room for Success
  • On-Going Support and Service from Mighty Kicks Franchising
  • Templates for Marketing Materials, Newsletters, Waivers, Accounting, and More
  • Technical Assistance, Your Own Web Page, Phone Number, Online Registration, and E-mail Account
  • Use of our Recognized Name and Marks – Our Brand
  • Intensive and Extensive Training (2 Days, on site)
  • Economies of Scale (Bulk purchasing power and established relationships with any vendor you may need)
  • Existing Relationships with National Clients
  • Assistance for the Team of Current Franchisees
  • Established Online Presence with Search Engine Optimization
  • Quality and Timely Communication with Mighty Kicks President and GM (Experienced and invested owners and not just employees)
  • Updates and Best Practices Shared via our Private Facebook Group of Mighty Kicks Owners, Quarterly Webinars, Monthly Newsletters and Encouragement and Insight from our Family of Franchisees.
  • Knowledge, Ability, Tools, and Proven Systems to Build a Successful Business
  • In summary, you receive years of experience, a proven system and business model, training, support and a national brand. Our commitment to the start-up of your franchise provides a strong foundation and crucial momentum. The market research and on-site marketing assistance will give your business a kick-start. Our successful methods provide the premier introductory soccer program for kids. The age=appropriate Might Kicks Curriculum is creative, engaging, fun and extremely effective.

3 What will my territory consist of?

You will work with the Franchisor to create a profitable and generous territory; which will have ample room for success. Your territory generally consists of about 500,000 in population.

4 Can I do this full-time or part-time?

You can own/operate your Mighty Kicks business full-time or part-time. The more time and effort you invest towards your business, the quicker you will get results. However, you can still create a profitable business on a part-time basis if your situation requires you to stick to managing and marketing the business while delegating the coaching.

Many franchisees start out on a part-time basis in order to lower risk while their business grows. Some franchisees seek to be “Absentee Owners.” This is a realistic goal as some franchisees are on their way. In the Richmond, VA territory (where the Mighty Kicks Program began in 2008), there are over 4,000 participants at 70 centers each year. Luke is an absentee owner living in Colorado, and has a full-time manager and 10 part-time instructors operating the Richmond territory.

5 Why are the franchise fees so low?

The main reason why our franchise fees are so low is because we want to attract high quality franchisees. High prices can eliminate many potentially successful entrepreneurs. Our low fees attract many candidates allowing us to select the best. Having great franchisees is what will help us develop the strongest brand. Finally, our low fees correlate with our goals of expanding the sport of soccer and helping children develop.

6 Why are the royalties fixed?

The royalties ($225/month starting month 5) are fixed for simplicity, budgeting and motivation. While most franchises pay the franchisor a percentage (on top of fixed fees), that requires audits, complicated systems, and multiple collections. It takes time, personnel and money to collect each month and make sure each franchise is contributing the exact amount. We prefer to keep things simple, keep royalties low and pass on the savings to the franchisees. The fixed royalties help the franchisee with budgeting and it motivates them to make the royalty as low of a percentage as possible since they are responsible to pay it whether they bring in $30,000 or $300,000. Typically, with the percentage-based model, the franchisees pay more each year to the franchisor as the franchisor assists less and less. This is why we prefer the low, fixed-rate royalty.

7 Is the market saturated?

No! Contact us (see below) and discuss this and any other questions. 🙂

This is not an offer to sell or solicitation of an offer to buy. Offers are only made in states where we have complied with applicable law and an offer to sell or a solicitation of any offer to buy a franchise shall be made solely by a Franchise Disclosure Document. All financial information is shown in the FDD and is to be disclosed to potential franchisees during the awarding process.

Still need help? Send us a note!

This is for general franchise questions. If you wish to apply to be a franchise owner, please complete this form in order for us to begin processing your application.

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