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Jordon was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and moved to Bakersfield, California when he was 15. He is the youngest of 4 children. Being the youngest, he says he has “always had to fight hard when playing games with my brothers. That natural instinct has followed me through my life and I fight hard for everything I do. I look forward to working with Might Kicks and fighting for their organization. I love coaching and I love the game of soccer and what it can provide. I am excited to continue coaching soccer and to continue being a mentor to the youth of Bakersfield.”

After graduating from Rocky Mountain College with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Bachelors Degree in Physical Education & Health, Exercise Science, Jordon decided to move back home to Bakersfield. He went to school in Billings, Montana to continue his schooling and to play collegiate soccer (he also ran Cross Country there).

After college, Jordan took up a position as the Cross Country, Soccer, and Track & Field coach at Bakersfield Christian High School. Jordan says, “my time spent at Bakersfield Christian has been truly humbling. I’ve learned more about coaching, myself, and all the student-athletes I’ve been fortunate to work with. More importantly than the amazing success we’ve had on the track and pitch, I’ve been able to bring the joy of both running and soccer to the kids at the school and I have become a mentor and friend.” Jordan also coaches at South Valley Thunder Soccer Club and is a National D License Coach.

Jordon Points - Mighty Kicks Soccer Coach and Role Model

Jordon Points

Mighty Kicks Ventura, CA

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