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Mike is excited and honored to be able to bring the Mighty Kicks Program to the kids of New York City. He will be utilizing the age-appropriate Mighty Kicks Curriculum to aid kids in their social and physical development through engagement in a high energy soccer format. Soccer provides an opportunity for kids to learn life skills (that will serve them later in life), develop teamwork and respect – all done in a fun environment!

Growing up in the United Kingdom, Mike started playing soccer in the city streets in his youth. This love of soccer developed through the educational system as he represented the schools he attended playing in various positions. He continued playing through post educational youth and men’s teams.

Mike has watched the love for soccer grow in the US since he moved here in 2004 and is committed to ensuring that the beautiful game helps kids develop to their fullest potential.

Mike Nobes - Mighty Kicks Soccer Coach and Role Model

Mike Nobes

Mighty Kicks Manhattan, NY

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