Soccer Games at Home : The Lumberjack and Giant

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The Lumberjack and the Giant

Ready for game five in the At Home Soccer Games video series? These at home soccer games can be played anywhere….at home, the park, your friends’ house, anywhere! You can even modify the games depending on your child’s skills and abilities. This way everyone can join in the fun!

How to Play

  • The parent tells a story about how a lumberjack (the parent) came and planted trees while the giant (the child) was sleeping.
  • The giant (child) needs to control the soccer ball in order to knock the trees over with the ball.
  • The lumberjack can replant the trees as they are knocked over by the giant.

Remember, don’t use your hands or feet to knock over the trees. You can adapt this game for younger or older children by increasing or decreasing the amount of trees and frequency of replanting.

What is your family’s favorite activity for rainy days?

Try this fun at home soccer game and work on your directional dribbling skills! #soccer #raisingkids @MightyKicks

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