Soccer Games at Home : Through the Forest

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Through the Forest

Here is game four in the At Home Soccer Games video series. These backyard, front-yard, or anywhere with a relatively flat surface games are perfect for a fun activity with you and your child. Ball + eager kid = fun times!

How to Play

  • The parent tells a story about how they are going to get to “grandma’s” house (a.k.a. the net or goal point).
  • Both parent and child use controlled dribbling to move the ball from home through the trees (cones or other objects) without knocking any down and then to end up at grandmas house.
  • You can repeat the process to go from grandmas house back to home.

Remember, don’t use your hands as you dribble around the trees. You can use adapt this game for younger or older children by increasing or decreasing the amount of trees and spacing between them.

What is your family’s favorite outdoor activity?

Try this fun at home soccer game and work on your directional dribbling skills! #soccer #raisingkids @MightyKicks

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