During this Holiday Season I often think about hope, family and gratitude. Being thankful has benefited my attitude significantly. I am reminded to be thankful from the wisdom of the Bible (“Rejoice always … in everything give thanks.” – 1 Thes 5:16) and every Thanksgiving. It is a habit that I continue to work on, but definitely worth the efforts.

As we prepare for Christmas (Advent Season), it is marked with hope and anticipation for such a great holiday (Chanukah included). I tell my children the reason for the season and remind myself that serving them with my time, effort and attention is more valuable than the gifts I shop for.

Serving children with our time and attention is a great example of love in action and this is what our Mighty Kicks coaches do everyday! While the Curriculum, equipment, website, marketing and all the other aspects of the business contribute to a great Mighty Kicks experience, IT STARTS WITH THE HEART, and this is where our primary focus is. Our coaches truly and deeply care about the students they work with, and this is apparent in the sessions.

Mighty Kicks Reaches the HEART of Children - #soccer #withpurpose @MightyKicks

As we work towards establishing Mighty Kicks as the Premier Introductory Soccer Program in the US, we remain focused on the heart. Every Mighty Kicks business owner is: passionate about impacting the youth of their community; eager to have satisfied students and repeat customers; dedicated to building the best reputation possible; aware that strong relationships is the cornerstone of our programs.

I talk with multiple interested candidates every week and the key quality that I seek during the qualification process is motivation. We do not look for franchisees who are simply motivated to make money and enjoy being a soccer entrepreneur; we look for franchisees who want to impact youth and love helping children develop. This is how we recruit and this is how we train our franchisees.

I am blessed to be a part of such an amazing group that pours their hearts into the children they work with each day. I hear their stories all the time and it is so encouraging to witness.

At Mighty Kicks, we Start with the Heart and service your children with our time, energy and attention as we help them develop through the world’s greatest game! I am thankful to be a part of this family of entrepreneurs this holiday season!

Abundant Blessings,

It's All About the Heart - #soccer #whatwelookfor @MightyKicks

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