The purpose of this page is to give information and guidance in order to effectively introduce children to soccer. We hope to reach youth coaches (and volunteer coaches/parents) with these resources. The goal of Mighty Kicks is to be the premier introductory soccer program in the country and get more kids playing the world’s greatest game. We want to provide quality assistance to help ALL children receive the instruction they need.

Youth sports are about far more than winning. Sports introduce children to healthy and active lifestyle habits; they help kids develop coordination, strength, agility, balance and self-confidence (see Benefits). Sports can provide a great environment to develop Life Skills and Character. As a youth coach (or parent), we encourage you to take this opportunity seriously and make it a priority to be a positive influence and role model for all participants. It is crucial for the coach to have the appropriate expectations and goals.

When giving kids their first exposure to soccer, the coach must keep things Simple, Encouraging and Fun. Be positive, be Relentlessly Positive! Each child should have their own soccer ball for the majority of the session in order to maximize touches. Play creative games that engage the participants. Make sure the games are non-competitive. Kids learn best while having fun and you should teach the children Specific Skills through creative games. Listening, movement and fun are more important than proper technique. When the coach is enjoying themselves than the kids will also. This is a rewarding opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the youth you work with. Enjoy it!


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Please utilize our website whether you are a youth coach or parent.

  • In the “Parent’s Corner” page you will find more resources on soccer instruction and character building.
  • Please check out our VIDEOS and see sessions in action with examples and guidance.
  • We also provide a “At Home Games” video series that shows games you can play with your child at home.
  • Follow our Blog where Mighty Kicks Founder, Luke Vercollone, sounds off on child development and youth soccer.
  • Get our “Top 10 Tips for Coaching Preschoolers” by submitting your name and email address in the above box and we will gladly e-mail you a copy.
  • You can purchase our Mighty Kicks Life Skills Soccer Ball as well as our Life Skills Booklet by contacting your local Mighty Kicks Director.
  • Learn about the Science of Character and Exercise as it impacts brain functions and overall well-being for kids.

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