Top 10 Reasons for the Success of In-School Soccer Enrichment Programs

1. ConvenienceWith parents working longer hours, they have less time to drive their children to activities.

2. Soccer is the world’s most popular sport – It is also one of the most popular youth sports in America.

3. Soccer is simple – It can be taught to 3 year-olds!

4. Healthy – Many schools and parents are looking for ways for their children to exercise more.

5. Adds value to the school – The many benefits of the program adds value to the school.

6. The benefits of the sport – Soccer develops motor skills, life skills, and self-esteem. These skills benefit the other sports as well.

7. Non-competitive – Youngsters should first be introduced to sports in an enjoyable, non-competitive environment.

8. Fun for all – More children participate in sports at a young age.Soccer appeals to boys and girls and is a great way to introduce them to sports and athletics.

9. Big market – There are over 685,000 child care providers in the US.With both parents working more hours, enrollment at child care centers continues to rise.

10. Parents invest in their children – Even in an unstable economy, parents will still invest in their children’s health and well-being.


In-School Soccer is a great concept – do it right with Mighty Kicks!(

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