Soccer Games at Home : 1 on 1 Vs Mom

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1-on-1 Vs Mom.

Summer time is the perfect time to get outside and kick the soccer ball around with your child. Here we have Game #2 in our At Home Soccer Games Video Series.

How to Play

  • First start out passing the ball back and forth with your child.
  • Then progress to 1 on 1 keep away.

Some parents are going to have to try harder than others in order to take the ball away from their child. It is important that you do let your child keep the ball and keep it away from you for a certain time as well. Switch roles back and forth. Most importantly enjoy and have fun!

What’s your favorite outdoor game to play with your kids?

Outdoor fun with mom playing 1-on-1 soccer #soccer #mothersday @MightyKicks

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