This is our third game in the At Home Soccer Games video series. You don’t need much beyond your determination and a ball to play these backyard games. If you don’t have a soccer ball, any ball will do that your child can easily maneuver with their feet.

How to Play

  • The parent creates a tunnel with their legs.
  • The child passes the ball through their legs, once they achieve that ‘goal’ they then get to crawl through the leg tunnel.
  • The parent then moves to another area and the child continues to pass and crawl.

You can adapt this game for older children by not having them crawl through your legs but instead continue the challenge to kick the ball through the leg tunnel. Have fun and enjoy your quality time together!

What is your favorite way to get your family moving?

Mighty Kicks Soccer Games for Kids: Tunnels #soccer #getoutdoors @MightyKicks

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