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Mighty Kicks offers Premier Introductory and Mobile Soccer Programs for kids. Our enthusiastic and experienced instructors teach basic soccer skills by using age-appropriate games, drills, and exercises. The sessions are healthy, educational and FUN! The team atmosphere builds socialization and Life Skills at an important developmental age. Our Programs introduce the positive character strengths that are proven to have a direct impact on achievement and success in sports, school and life.

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About President and Founder, Luke Vercollone

After graduating from Seton Hall University with a degree in sports management, Luke was drafted into the MLS and has been playing professional soccer since 2004. Vercollone is an NSCAA certified coach with his USSF National B License and 20+ years of coaching experience; though, as the 2nd oldest of 11 children, he has been coaching all his life.

Inspired by coaching youngsters in other programs around the country, Luke began Mighty Kicks (then doing business as Little Kicks) in 2008 in Richmond VA. He has further developed the program with the goal of bringing this successful formula to other parts of the country. He credits his successful curriculum and coaching methods to lots of research, years of experience, the quality instruction he has received and chasing around his four young children (Augustine, Gemma, Estella and Zaylee).

About Mighty Kicks President and Founder Luke Vercollone

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“I asked Sam last night if he was learning how to score goals and he said ‘Mom, I learned to pass.’ It was too cute. Thanks so much for starting such a great program for our little ones.”



“I would like to thank you for bringing The Mighty Kicks Program to Chesterbrook Academy. With each session the classes have grown in size due to the increasing interest from our families. The program is a wonderful asset to our school as it promotes growth in motor skills, coordination, teamwork, sportsmanship, and just plain fun! The coaches have been outstanding and have shown that they truly enjoy working with our little ones. Thank you again for sharing your program with us and we wish you much success.”

Ms Lori


Clint Dempsey Professional Soccer Player

Clint Dempsey, Professional Soccer Player

“Good luck with your great Program Luke! You are an awesome coach. Mighty Kicks will impact a lot of youth in the right way. All my best!”

Luke Vercollone, Professional Soccer Player and President of Mighty Kicks Franchising

“I am honored to offer such a beneficial Program to parents, Learning Centers and children around the country. It is with great joy that I witness the popularity of our concept as well as the fun the participants are having while developing through Mighty Kicks.”

Brad Davis Professional Soccer Player Endorses Mighty Kicks

Brad Davis, Professional Soccer Player

“My son really enjoyed the Mighty Kicks Program! The curriculum is age-appropriate and creative and benefits the overall development of youth.”

Hear what Bret Davis has to say about Mighty Kicks -> Watch Video

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