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Mighty Kicks: Your On-Site Soccer Enrichment Solution

Introducing Mighty Kicks' School Enrichment Program, a comprehensive soccer program designed to bring the joy and excitement of the game directly to your school. Our customized curriculum, expert coaches, and flexible scheduling options ensure a seamless integration into your school's existing enrichment offerings.

Curriculum development

Customized Curriculum that aligns perfectly with your school's goals

The Mighty Kicks curriculum is tailored to the specific needs and age groups of your students and aligned to NAEYC standards. We understand that every school has unique requirements, and we work closely with you to develop a program that aligns perfectly with your school's goals and objectives while promoting healthy habits and providing a developmentally appropriate physical education program.

Mighty Kicks

Our Coaches

Experienced & Enthusiastic Coaches

Our team of experienced and enthusiastic Mighty Kicks coaches is passionate about soccer and dedicated to providing a fun and enriching learning experience for your students. Our coaches are trained specifically to work with this age group and to deliver engaging lessons that foster a love for the game.

Scheduling Flexibility

Fits seamlessly into any school schedule

We understand that every school has different scheduling needs. That's why we offer a variety of program options to fit seamlessly into your school's existing schedule. Whether you prefer before-school, after-school, or in-school sessions, we can accommodate your needs.


Equipment & Resources

No Equipment. No Problem. We Bring MK To You!

Mighty Kicks provides all the necessary equipment and resources for your school's enrichment program. From soccer balls to cones to markers, we ensure that your students have everything they need to succeed.

Taking it home

Mighty Kids, Mighty Parents!

Step into the world of Mighty Kicks and discover through inspiring parent testimonials that showcase the impact of Mighty Kicks on our families' lives.


“I asked Sam last night if he was learning how to score goals and he said ‘Mom, I learned to pass.’ It was too cute. Thanks so much for starting such a great program for our little ones.”



“My son really enjoyed the Mighty Kicks Program! The curriculum is age-appropriate and creative and benefits the overall development of youth.”

Brad Davis

Professional Soccer Player

“I would like to thank you for bringing The Mighty Kicks Program to Chesterbrook Academy. With each session the classes have grown in size due to the increasing interest from our families. The program is a wonderful asset to our school as it promotes growth in motor skills, coordination, teamwork, sportsmanship, and just plain fun! The coaches have been outstanding and have shown that they truly enjoy working with our little ones. Thank you again for sharing your program with us and we wish you much success.”

Ms Lori


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Welcome to Mighty Kicks the premier introductory soccer program for children! Mighty Kicks is more than a soccer program. Our creative curriculum, coaches, and high energy classes provide your child with experiences that apply both on and off the soccer field.