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mighty kics Atlanta


Edwin Reina


Mighty Kicks Atlanta

Edwin is excited to use his experience and passion for soccer to impact the youth of Atlanta. With the assistance of the Proven Mighty Kicks Programs and Curriculum, Edwin (along with the other high-energy instructors) will help your children develop physically, mentally and socially through the world’s greatest game.

Edwin grew up outside of Atlanta where he played travel and high school soccer. He was raised in a Colombian soccer family where his father played semi-professionally. After high school, Edwin went into the Army and was stationed in Germany at the time that Germany won the 1990 World Cup! He returned to the US to major in Computer Information Systems at Georgia State University. Edwin was a technical consultant for six years before being awarded his current job as a database administrator in 1999. He has worn many hats at his current company including sales, customer service manager and project manager. Edwin has a daughter (born 2001) and son (born 2003). He has coached and assisted coaching his children since they began playing at the age of 4 years old.

The managerial experience Edwin has gained will impact the high quality standards of this Program. He is eager to leave a lasting impression on the youth of the community by delivering the greatest Introductory and Mobile Soccer Programs in Georgia!