Toddlers and Sports

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When choosing to enroll your toddler in a sports program, it is understandable to have concerns about safety and an overly competitive environment. You want to protect your child from any physical or emotional harm that may come from a sporting environment introduced too soon.

Mighty Kicks helps Toddlers develop a love for sports - safely - #soccer #withpurpose @MightyKicks

    Safety Concern

    There is a concern by parents that a toddler may not have the physical coordination to play a sport. This lack of coordination could lead to injury and pain for the child. In Mighty Kicks, the safety of your child is our priority. That’s why our curriculum is developed specially to correspond to every different stage of development.

    Our coaches know how to gauge skill levels and help your players navigate practices and games in a safe but fun way.

    Hypercompetitive Concern

    It’s easy to fear that introducing sports too early may contribute to a challenging road with sports in the future. If sports are pushed too hard, children could become overly critical of themselves or have a negative association with sports altogether. Mighty Kicks is designed to be a non-competitive environment that lets toddlers learn basic soccer skills without the stress of competition.

The primary goal of Mighty Kick’s soccer program is to help all children, including toddler age children, continue to develop. Toddlers have the benefit of learning motor and social skills through play. Our fun environment lets your children learn and interact with other children at their own pace.

If you are concerned about placing your toddler in one of our programs, consider our parent/child interactive class for ages 2 to 3 1/2. You will have the opportunity to be a part of the class and to watch your children learn up close. Check out our locations page to see the opportunities near you.

We can’t wait to see you and your child at practice!

Mighty Kicks encourages and develops positive attitudes. Here are some tips to support this #healthyhabit with fun car ride conversations! #soccer #raisingkids @MightyKicks

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