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Before I started my Mighty Kicks Franchise I taught in the public school system. I was a middle school physical education and health teacher for 10 years. The middle school years can be an extremely trying time in the life of an adolescent. It takes the love and support of family and friends to navigate these years and come out in one piece on the other side.

Through the years I experienced a lot of situations and circumstances that broke my heart for a handful of my students. These students didn’t have the love, support, and guidance that they so desperately needed from their family to navigate these tumultuous years. I witnessed students trying to wear a brave face and keep their head above the water. I tried my best to step in, mentor, and provide the basic elements of love and support that these students needed to be successful.

Teachers around the world do this every day. I still have relationships with some of these students and reconnect every now and again on Facebook or in the community. Some are successful, some are still struggling, but I am hopeful that I left a positive impact in all of their lives and they know I am here if they ever need me.


Because… Family and Relationships Matter!

Mighty Kicks Reaches the HEART of Children - #soccer #withpurpose @MightyKicks

Family and positive relationships are such an integral part of the growth and development in children’s lives. At Mighty Kicks, we recognize this fact and the awesome responsibility we have to share in this development. We are a group of family men and women who strive to treat our players and communities as part of our family! We have a family of franchisees who display positive character and, who model these character traits and life skills to our players through the game of soccer.

The family atmosphere of Mighty Kicks starts at the top with our President and Founder Luke Vercollone. Luke understands the importance of love, support, and guidance in the family dynamic with his 4 children and “Super Woman” wife Andrea! Luke’s passion, drive, and expertise, along with General Manager, Jeremy Bulen, have supported and guided our family of franchisees to be successful in our businesses.

As our Mighty Kicks family continues to grow, we all share best practices, support each other, and celebrate successes! We all work together to represent Mighty Kicks and to make a positive impact in our communities!

Here at Mighty Kicks we love the game of soccer! But, we are so much more than soccer. Mighty Kicks is FAMILY!!!

We are FAMILY - #soccer #whatwelookfor #bizwithpurpose #soccerforkids @MightyKicks

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