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Soccer Games at Home : 1 on 1 Vs Mom

  1-on-1 Vs Mom. Summer time is the perfect time to get outside and kick the soccer ball around with your child. Here we have Game #2 in our At Home Soccer Games Video Series. How to Play First start out passing the ball back and forth with your child. Then progress...
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Guess what? Work can be fun!

  Dr. Bruce Duncan Perry, M.D, Ph. D states that “We learn best when we are having fun. Play, more than any other activity, fuels healthy development of children --- and the continued healthy development of adults.” Developing Kids Thru Soccer Fun is at the heart of...
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How to Talk to Your Soccer Players About Bullying

  One of the biggest potential problems in youth sports is bullying. It can ruin the morale of the team, and result in players having a negative experience. In some situations, bullied players may even decide to quit the sport.The best way to stop bullying is through...
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Social Emotional Learning

The term “Social Emotional Learning” (SEL) seems to be all the rage these days when discussing early childhood education. This is for good reason! Social and Emotional skills helps us understand the crucial Life Skills and character that have a huge influence on the...

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Buffaloes, Marshmallows and Discipline

Be a Buffalo! I live in CO which is one of the only states that has the privilege of being the home to wild buffaloes and cows. These unique animals are similar in many ways, but behave quite differently when reacting to a storm. With the huge Rocky Mountains to the...

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Excellence or Perfection?

On the surface, Excellence and Perfection seem to be the same word with some slight verbal gymnastics going on. The point of this Blog post is to emphasize the VERY important differences between these two words. In short, it comes down to MINDSET. Often, when we think...

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PURPOSE for Kiddos

PURPOSE for KIDDOS As parents, we understand that having a strong PURPOSE inspires us to perform better. When we are doing a task for a higher good, we are moved to do it more effectively. This higher purpose behind our actions motivates us and improves whatever it is...

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More Than Winning

More Than Winning You may sometimes hear it said that “winning isn’t everything, it’s the ONLY thing!” This obviously isn’t true for youth sports and I dare to say that it isn’t accurate for pro sports either. I am writing this blog post from my cousin’s apartment in...

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Soccer Games at Home : Moving Goal

This game is called Moving Goal In this game the child tries to score a goal while the parent moves the goal all across the soccer field.The parent is encouraging the child to dribble and shoot into the moving goal.

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Teaching Kids Optimism

TEACHING KIDS OPTIMISM When you were a child, or even as an adult, you may have been told to "cheer up" or "look on the bright side."  While this is undoubtedly good advice, did you ever think about how optimism affects you physically and emotionally? ...

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Soccer Games at Home : Seagull and Vulture

This game is called Seagull and Vulture The seagull is the child, attempts to deliver their egg back to their nest. While the vulture, who is the parent, tries to protect the nest, and not let the egg back home. It is very important that the parent is extremely...

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Physically Active Preschoolers

Physically Active Preschoolers It may seem that preschoolers, with all their energy, need no help staying physically active.  Actually, the opposite is true.  If preschoolers are guided through planned physical activity, studies have shown that they will be...

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